In full premiere of La Casa de Papel, Jaime Lorente announces that he will be a father

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The fifth season of The Money Heist came to Netflix reaping great success. With five episodes, as planned, the first part of the last season of this story has already driven its fans crazy. After a long period of waiting, it is finally known how the series ends and what happens to the band, especially with The Professor after being caught by Inspector Sierra.

However, beyond the furor that caused the premiere of The Money Heist, there is another news that made the followers go crazy. Well, the family grows, the band will have a new member and it turns out to be the brother of Cincinnati! The little boy, who is the son of Denver and Stockholm, came to the world in the previous season, but now he will not be the only one.

Denver and Stockholm. Photo: (IMDB)

Although, it should be noted that fiction crossed the screen and now who will be a real father is Jaime Lorente, the actor who gives life to Denver. As announced by HOLA Spain magazine, The artist is expecting his first daughter for November of this year, whom he will baptize with the name of Amaia. And, as happens many times in the industry, Lorente managed to keep her current partner’s pregnancy a secret.

Completely discarding María Pedraza, who was his girlfriend for two long years, now the one who would have stolen her heart is another member of The Money Heist. According to the aforementioned magazine, Jaime Lorente is in a relationship with one of the costumers of the series and it is she who would be expecting her daughter. There is still no name or face of the one involved, but she has already become the most wanted woman in Spain.

Jaime Lorente will be a father.  Photo: (@jaimelorentelo)

Jaime Lorente will be a father. Photo: (@jaimelorentelo)

While Jaime has not provided any comment in this regard, it is expected that once his daughter reaches the world it will be him who will announce it. Although, for that, it still remains to wait a little longer since the mother would only be approximately seven months pregnant and, in addition, the actor always kept his private life very far from the media. But, the news of a baby can be a foot to break that barrier.


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