In Miami, 8 People Are Hospitalized Due Gas Leakage At Miami Pharmacy

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A carbon monoxide leak at a Miami pharmacy on Saturday caused the evacuation of about 30 people, of whom eight had to be hospitalized, the fire department of this South Florida city said. The firefighters found in a local of the Farmacias Navarro chain “extremely high levels of carbon monoxide”, after which they proceeded to evacuate the about 30 people who at that time were in the establishment.

According to authorities, first responders found “several people feeling sick and complaining of headaches and nausea,” authorities said, confirming that eight people had to be taken to hospitals with “symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning.” The firefighters proceeded to ventilate the premises and are controlling the air inside the premises before proceeding to its reopening.

Firefighters evacuated everyone from the building and said they found “extremely high levels of carbon monoxide” and began ventilating the store with electric fans. Thirty patients were evaluated at the site and transported a total of 8 to area hospitals with signs and symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Authorities believe a gas machine may have caused fumes to build up inside the structure. Fire units continued to ventilate and monitor the air inside the store to allow it to reopen once it is clear, officials said.

Fire crews responded to reports of multiple sick patients at a pharmacy located at 1601 W. Flagler Street. At the scene, they found several people complaining of headaches and nausea, authorities said. Everyone was immediately evacuated from the structure and then the hazmat team entered with gas monitors and found extremely high levels of carbon monoxide, so he began to ventilate the tent with electric fans.

Outside the scene, paramedics evaluated nearly 30 patients and transported eight to area hospitals as they showed symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. At this time, authorities believe a gasoline-powered machine may have caused the incident. All fire units have cleared the scene except one that is ventilating and monitoring the store’s air to allow it to reopen once it is clear, according to the Miami Fire and Rescue Department.

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