“In robberies, love multiplies”: one by one, all the couples of La Casa de Papel

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It’s finally available! Volume 1 of the fifth season from The Money Heist already reached Netflix and his followers began to formulate theories about what will happen next with the second part, which will premiere the December 3. But beyond the robberies, the explosions and the perfect plans, there is something that the series does not leave out: the romance. Such (Úrsula Corberó) makes it very clear in the first episode: “In robberies, love multiplies”. That’s why here we tell you all couples that were formed in the five installments of the series.

+9 romances in La Casa de Papel

9. Bogotá and Nairobi

The character played by Alba Flores always had an unconditional love for Helsinki, that man who could not reciprocate the feeling but who keeps a deep affection for him. Nevertheless, Nairobi could find love again in Bogota, who helped her through her worst moments during the robbery.

Bogotá and Nairobi in La Casa de Papel (Netflix).

8. Berlin and Palermo

Nairobi herself said it: “To love you need courage”. And although at times it seems that the role faced by Rodrigo de la Serna It lacks that fundamental characteristic, the truth is that it has it. Thus, he was encouraged to confess to the character of Pedro Alonso that I was in love with him.

7. Helsinki and Palermo

Although it is not a 100% confirmed romance, the followers of The Money Heist They can’t wait for the relationship between the two robbers to advance in the next few episodes. And it is that although they show themselves as strong men, they cannot hide the feeling that they have for the other and that each time grows more.

6. Monica and Arturo

During the first robbery, Monica Gatzambide and Arturo Roman they were lovers. Unexpectedly, the secretary of the director of the Fábrica de la Moneda y Timbre was left pregnant. Although now the bond between them is full of conflicts, they were a couple during the first season of The Money Heist.

The Money Heist

Monica and Arturito were a couple in the first season of La Casa de Papel (Netflix).

5. Stockholm and Denver

After the first robbery was over, Monica stayed with the gang of robbers. And it is that he fell in love with Denver, one of the kidnappers. Alluding to Stockholm syndrome, the character of Esther Acebo adopted the name of the city, joined La Banda and decided to raise her son Cincinnati next to the role of Jaime Lorente.

4. Berlin and Tatiana

In the first episodes of the series, Pedro Alonso’s character commented on having had a great deal of wives. And although none of them are shown at first, finally in one of the seasons their wedding is presented with Tatiana. The actress responsible for playing her is Diana Gomez, also the protagonist of Valeria. Is she the love of your life?

3. Tokyo and René

Prior to the premiere of the fifth season, Netflix introduced one of the cast’s additions: it is about René, interpreted by Miguel Angel Silvestre, actor of other series such as Velvet, Sky Red O Sense8. Úrsula Corberó’s character explains in one of the episodes: “My name is Tokyo. But when this story began, he didn’t call me that. This was me … and this, the love of my life. The last time I saw him I left him in a pool of blood with my eyes open”. In this way, Álex Pina’s fiction reveals who the great love of his life.

The Money Heist

Miguel Ángel Silvestre joined La Casa de Papel as René (Netflix).

2. Tokyo and Rio

Although René was the first love of his life, Such has a very clear philosophy: in the same life, several can be lived. Therefore, he gives love a new chance and opens with Rio, the character of Miguel Herran who originally joined La Banda as the young hacker who could collaborate because of his expertise in cybercrime.

1. The Professor and Lisbon

This is probably the most unexpected relationship of The Money Heist. And it is that in the beginning, The Professor (Álvaro Morte) He presented himself as a cold character, who seemed to have everything calculated. However, once he began to associate with the Inspector Rachel Murillo As part of her plan, she couldn’t help but fall in love and show her true self to her new partner.

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