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“Inability to Register ‘Archetypes’ Trademark Hinders Brand Protection”

Harry and Meghan’s Business Ventures Face Setbacks

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have encountered more bad luck in their business ventures. Last week, Spotify announced that it had terminated its contract with the couple. The agreement, which had been in place since 2020, involved Prince Harry and Meghan Markle producing content for the platform in exchange for $20 million. However, the collaboration only resulted in a single podcast, ‘Archetypes’, hosted by Meghan Markle. After airing 13 episodes, the podcast bid farewell to its listeners.

In a statement issued by the couple, it was suggested that ‘Archetypes’ would return in a different medium while retaining its title. They even tried to register the name with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. However, the Daily Mail reports that their request was rejected for two reasons. Firstly, Harry and Meghan failed to sign the application in their own handwriting, a significant formality. Secondly, there is already another company called ‘Archetypes’, a publishing company based in Arizona. This company, which sells books on various subjects, including nutrition, fitness, and psychology, had registered the trademark back in 2015.

In response to the rejection, the lawyers for Harry and Meghan requested a three-month extension to amend and resubmit their application. It is speculated that Meghan may also encounter a similar issue with her previous blog’s trademark, ‘The Tig’. Last year, the patent and trademark office denied her initial application for the same reason, preventing her from reviving the project she frequently nurtured prior to marrying Prince Harry in 2018.

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