India’s Richest Tycoon Announces Construction of Two Mega Hydrogen Factories That Could Revolutionize the Energy Industry

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The construction of two mega-factories to produce hydrogen announced by the CEO of Indian conglomerate Reliance Industries, Mukesh Ambani, could give a strong boost to the use of that gas as a source of clean energy, says Bloomberg columnist Nathaniel Bullard.

In a Article Published this Thursday, the journalist specialized in climate and technology points out that although zero-emission electricity can help decarbonise the industry, it will not be able to replace fuels in sectors such as steel and cement production, which have grown several times in recent years. decades. However, burning hydrogen, which does not produce CO2, is ideal for these purposes.

“In steel, it would mean replacing the coking coal used in blast furnaces with renewable produced hydrogen. […] For cement, that could mean replacing some of the natural gas burned in the production process, “says Bullard.

“A new energy ecosystem”

Ambani, the richest tycoon in India according Forbes announced its ambitious plans last Thursday. In total, he wants to create four new farms that “will manufacture and fully integrate all the critical components of a new energy ecosystem.”

“One, for solar energy production: we will build an integrated photovoltaic solar module factory. Two, for intermittent energy storage: we will build an advanced energy storage battery factory. Three, for green hydrogen production: we will build one electrolyzer factory. Four, to convert hydrogen into motive and stationary energy, we will build a fuel cell factory “, described the businessman, according the First Post portal. In addition, he specified that the work for the development of the complex that will house the factories, Dhirubhai Ambani Green Energy Giga Complex, has already begun. Its area is more than 2,000 hectares and it is located in Jamnagar, in the west of the state of Gujarat.

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With that multi-million dollar investment, the tycoon hopes to position himself as one of the main drivers of this new technology.

“First, as one of the world’s largest energy markets, India will lead the transformation of the global energy landscape. Second, […] Reliance will provide leadership through the combined strength of our balance, talent, technology, and proven project execution capabilities. “Third, Reliance will make its new energy business a truly global business,” Ambani said.

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