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Indigo White- Biography & Career

A well-known model, YouTuber, and Instagram celebrity named Indigo White goes by the handle “Cocochampange” online. She is famous for her gaming-related YouTube channel and Instagram account. She additionally creates stuff for pornhub. In the American state of Florida, Indigo was born. She has a white heritage and is an American by nationality.

She is currently recognized as an American model who rose to fame quickly due to her good looks and is well-known on social media sites like Tiktok, Instagram, and Youtube, among others. 

The upbringing of Indigo White was intriguing. She was brought up by her parents in Florida, USA, as their lone child. Unlike most pals, she loved playing video games and was active in sports. She chose to pursue a career in online marketing after graduating from high school, against her parent’s advice to enroll in college. Even though the dream looked unattainable, she worked at it and is now reaping the rewards.

Indigo White’s Biography 

Artist and internet personality Indigo White. Her most popular platform is YouTube, where she has amassed more than 66,000 subscribers since starting it in 2015. She has a huge following, and her content receives millions of views and comments. She eventually discovered ways to make money from her talents and has now achieved fame.

Indigo White’s Age

She was born in Florida, USA, on September 1, 1995. She will therefore be 27 years old in April 2023. 

 Indigo White’s Nationality 

She was raised in Florida, where she was born. She resides in Seattle, Washington, at the moment. She is, therefore, a citizen of the United States.

Indigo White- Height

She is 50 kilograms, and she is 5 feet 4 inches tall. Her blonde hair and blue eyes are a nice match to her thin form. 

Indigo White- Education 

As an only child, Indigo grew up in the USA. She was reared by her mother, a teacher at the neighborhood high school, and her father, who had a little business.

White developed a fascination with video games from a young age. Therefore, she would avoid gossiping with girls and spend most of her free time playing sports and discussing games with boys. She participated in athletics heavily while in high school. She learned how to play tennis and played soccer.

Indigo chose to advance her career as an online personality against her parents’ advice that she goes to college. In 2013, she graduated from high school.

What does Indigo White do?

Indigo took on various occupations to maintain herself financially after graduating high school. She was, however, concentrated on developing her online profession. She took several jobs, including one as a waiter.

Indigo gave up her waitressing job to concentrate on her brand after establishing a sizable following on Instagram. She frequently posted pictures and even thought about moving to Seattle to advance her career. While dressed as a character, her images were notable for their attention to her torso and bust.

On Instagram, she currently has a following of more than 319,000 users. 

Indigo White’s Tiktok 

She made a lot of effort in the early stages of her career to increase her TikTok following. She became well-known after making amazing TikTok recordings. When Musically was the name of the app, she was dependable. Since her content was deemed to be pornographic, her movies were only available to viewers who were at least 18 years old.

She currently has more than 267,000 followers on the app and has had more than 3 million views. 

Indigo White’s Twitter

White tweets frequently as well. Over 130,000 people follow her on the platform, which is great. 

Indigo White- Wealth and Net worth

She makes money by selling her goods online and through the films she shares on her social media sites. She is a published author with two books to her credit: Do You Want to be a Cam Girl and The City Girl Cook Book.

Her estimated net worth is unknown. 

Indigo White- Partner and Relationship

Indigo White, is she dating anyone? In her YouTube videos, White discusses relationships and girlfriends frequently. She has, however, been in several relationships. She dated Brandon in 2014, but they broke up after a few months.

Later, she started seeing Tyler, another boy she supposedly met online. Before meeting another man on Instagram named “50shadesofsomething,” they were dating for about a year. Since the man lived outside of the United States, this was a distance relationship.  

Over the previous two years, White has had multiple relationships with females. She talks about them affectionately, and rumors are that she’s seeing a female.

Both Indigo White and her children are single.

Indigo White may have chosen a difficult road for her career. She does, however, appear to be becoming rich off of it. She is progressing in her job because of the exponential growth in her numbers day after day. 


  1. The sole child of her parents, Indigo was born on September 1, 1995.
  2. Indigo was raised in the United States by her mother, a high school instructor, and her father, a small business owner.
  3. She was an American citizen. Thus that was her nationality.
  4. Virgo is Indigo White’s astrological sign.
  5. From a young age, she developed artistic and design skills.
  6. Anxiety was identified as White’s condition. The City Girl Cook Book and Do You Want to be a Cam Girl are two books she wrote.
  7. White recently purchased a home in Seattle, Washington.
  8. On Instagram, she has 319K+ fan followers. 
  9. Model, YouTuber, and Instagram star Indigo White is better known online by her handle “Cocochampange.”
  10. Indigo can be found on Twitter and Instagram under the handles @npcprincess666 and @indigowhitecosplay, respectively.
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