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Inés Domecq’s expert tips for becoming the ultimate elegant guest

When we talk about stylish guests, it is inevitable that the image of Inés Domecq comes to mind.

Through looks (and designs), the Marquise de Almenara has emerged as one of the most elegant women in Spain, with a style full of personality, in which there is no shortage of structured silhouettes, large accessories and, in many times, the risk.

These qualities, which define her choices to attend all kinds of events, are also part of the DNA of IQ Collection, the fashion brand with which she has conquered Isabelle Junot, Eugenia Osborne and even Queen Letizia.

The designer, who presented Machado, her latest collection with Virginia Pozo, at the Palacio de Dueñas (Seville), now poses in front of the lens.

She becomes a model to introduce us to some of the designs that are part of her latest proposal and to give us the keys to make our next guest look a success.

What are we going to find in the new IQ Collection?

The spring/summer collection is a tribute to the work of Antonio Machado, which is why we are presenting it at the Palacio de las Owners. The collection is materialized through very defined silhouettes, large architectural structures on the shoulders, square and asymmetrical necklines so characteristic of the brand.

Strong tones are protagonists: reds, oranges, blues and blacks mixed with earth tones form a perfect alliance, giving rise to a special and unique mix. The prints have been rescued from vintage archives and are drawn with ethnic and folkloric touches.

Structured silhouettes are usually the main protagonists of your proposals. Also in this case?

Of course! It is one of our hallmarks of IQ with which we feel very identified, you will see them in dresses, two-piece sets, tops, kaftans…

What colors will be the favorites for spring and summer?

Natural colors such as beige or white coexist with other more vibrant ones such as oranges or greens, touches of yellow, ocher…

What kind of women are your designs aimed at?

All of them women. All the garments we design are versatile, both for day and night. We design for current women, workers, with families… so that everyone is beautiful and comfortable at all times.

You are considered one of the most elegant women in Spain. How do you choose your guest looks so that they are always a success?

Elegance is something subjective, I dress according to my style and personality. If you like that, I can’t feel more than grateful…

How will the guests dress in the next events?

We will see many two-piece sets and ethnic prints full of color. Long and midi dresses are always a hit, but with a structural touch in their patterns.

What are the basics that cannot be missing in a guest’s wardrobe?

A good pantsuit with a tailored touch will always save you from any event. Also a two-piece printed shirt or top with a skirt. Many times the key is to have good accessories that will enhance any look, for example, large earrings, metallic sandals… something that makes the look more sophisticated.

And the trendy clothes that you would recommend including?

I think ethnic prints are perfect for the summer weddings and a dress or outfit with strong colors would also be ideal.

Is it better to follow a certain protocol or skip it?

It depends on the type of wedding you are invited to. There are some that allow you to skip it with more relaxed clothes because of the place where they are celebrated or because of the type of wedding it is and others in which it is appropriate to go more formal and according to the protocol. The important thing is always to be faithful to the style of each one, not to dress up.

There are many guests who are not sure if it is appropriate or not to wear black to a wedding.

I personally love it! Black is one of my favorite colors, I use it in all my collections. A woman dressed in black seems super elegant to me.

What would you always advise against the sister of the bride? And what would you never fail with?

I would advise against an excessive look where there is a lot of information, for example excessive patterning or accessories. She will never fail with a dress in a solid color and a flattering cut and some good accessories.

And her mother? We know that the godmother can go long, but what are the most elegant options for the mother of the bride?

Always with a dress with an impeccable pattern that enhances her figure and in a color that favors her. If the wedding is during the day, perhaps a good headdress; And if it’s night, I would bet on giving importance to jewelry: a brooch, long earrings…

In the world of guests, is less always more?

It doesn’t have to. I am of the ‘more is more’. Here the key is that you can with the look and not the other way around. There are women who can handle everything and others who are more comfortable with ‘less is more’.

Can an accessory completely change a style?

Totally! You can play with them when repeating the look at several weddings so that it is different on each occasion.

What kind of accessories do you recommend investing in?

I would invest in good accessories, shoes or a bag to complete our looks, they are a sure hit that will last over the years. In my summer collection of Inés Domecq by Cuplé I have tried precisely this, creating a collection with different shoes and sandals that help to sophisticated your look. Heden’s bags for IQ are also a good investment since you can take them to events during the day or at night.

Headdresses, yes or no? What are the best ways to wear it?

A headdress is a perfect complement for daytime weddings. If the headdress is very powerful, I would accompany it with a more casual look, for example a jumpsuit.

What advice would you give to the guests who have to choose their looks for upcoming events?

Keep them true to their personality. That they feel comfortable and safe with the piece they have chosen and that they follow the trends that favor them the most. There is no reason to follow them all!

Photography: Chesco López

Make-up and hairdressing: Gabriel Llano

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