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“Infiel”: what is the schedule for this weekend of “Sadakatsiz” by Antena 3 – MAG.

Unfaithful“, The Turkish telenovela that has just premiered its first season on Antena 3 arrived with great success on the programming grid of the Spanish television network, to the point that it is projected as the new phenomenon that will fill the void left by” My daughter “in the signal. And because of what happened with the first two episodes of the Ottoman melodrama, he is on the right track.

The story of Unfaithful(original title) is an adaptation of the well-known BBC One program: Doctor Foster, which stars Suranne Jones and was broadcast on the same television channel during 2018. As you remember, the drama consisted of 10 episodes divided into two seasons.

Unfaithfulcounts, until September 2021, with a total of 31 episodes in its first season. In tando, in his native country he will premiere his season 2 on September 22; and although it has been well received by the public, it has not yet been confirmed whether the television production will have a season 3. In Spain, meanwhile, Antena 3 has decided to place it just before “My daughter”, until it reaches its end. The strategy, in fact, has worked, since in its premiere it had an average audience of 2.3 million viewers, making it one of the foreign series with the best debut since 2020.

The new episode of the Turkish soap operaUnfaithfulIt will be broadcast in Spain this Sunday, September 19 at 10:10 p.m. on Antena 3. The episode will also be available on ATRESplayer PREMIUM.

For now, this will be the official schedule for “Sadakatsiz”, according to the updated schedule of the media. Although Sundays is the day that the Spanish channel chose to seek to engage in the story based on “Doctor Foster”, it is not ruled out that, in the future, Antena 3 will make changes in the schedule; above all, before the increase of the hearing.

In the previous chapter, Volcano celebrates his birthday and in the meeting Asia gives a speech in honor of her husband; However, after finishing giving his words, at the time of the delivery of gifts, he notices how he makes a small gesture with Deep, her lover. In addition, she has found a photograph with her on her husband’s cell phone. Aware of this, he sits down at his table and they start their first conversation knowing the truth.

After the party, Asya and Volkan have a conversation. The woman has wanted to ask him a question for some time and has taken advantage of the fact that her son Ali is not at home to encourage herself to do so. She knows he was cheating on her with Derin, but wants to hear it from her own mouth. “I don’t want you to tell me anything other than the truth”she tells her husband. However, he will deny everything. And although she accepts the answer, she does not believe his words.

At another time, Asya greets Series at home and copes with it too. The woman lets him know that she has discovered the whole truth. “I thought you were my friend, I have treated you like a sister”, he confesses through tears. The doctor apologizes, but the pain is done. Even so, Serya tells him that when he discovered Volkan, he promised that he would leave Derin.

Volkan and Derin’s relationship is three years old and Asya has just discovered it. However, that will not be all, for the young woman she is pregnant with her husband and has demanded that he end his marriage to be able to live the life they have always dreamed of. After that, the protagonist is determined to kick Volkan out of her house, so she prepares her suitcases with her clothes and even destroys some of her clothes. What will Volkan’s reaction be? Will it finally be decided between Asya and Derin? What will happen to Serya? We will find out in the next chapter.

The Ottoman soap opera focuses on how Asya discovers that Volkan, her husband, is cheating on her with a twenty-something named Derin. She finds out casually, finding blonde hair on her partner’s scarf. He confirms his suspicions about other people and realizes that his closest environment knew about the infidelity. Therefore, he decides to take a slow and forceful revenge against the father of his son.

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