Influencer asks What makes you happy? to people on the street and is moved by the answers

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A nice video viral is telling the time in Instagram. We refer to the clip published by the content creator, Vidhi. This blogger asked several people what makes them happy and the unusual answers surprised netizens in the social networks. Some reactions even moved the followers.

The influencer consulted people “what makes you happy” and opinions quickly went viral. Through your account , the young woman shared all the answers. Although it seems like a simple question, it was difficult for more than one to answer easily.

“A question that is rarely asked. What makes you happy? It’s always about what makes us happy. But when some people were asked what makes them happy, the simple fact that someone was interested in finding out what makes them happy was enough to make their day. “Vidhi wrote in the caption of the post.

Under that line, the woman added that “Sometimes people just want to express their little wishes. Okay, pass or not, but that expression, that emotion makes them feel totally ecstatic. Your expectations of life are so basic and so pure. The only thing we have to understand is ‘Happiness is real only when it is shared’.

When asked, a man replied that “Driving makes you super happy”. While one of the interviewees indicated that “true happiness is found in the family.” “It makes me super happy to visit the beach,” said one woman.

Vidhi’s post sparked a lot of interactions on the internet. So far, the video has accumulated all kinds of comments. Some netizens assured that the clip is absolutely moving.

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“This is so healthy”, “so healthy”, “very pure opinions”. “Ahhh so beautiful my dear! The extraordinary joy of ordinary little things. Simply magical ”; were some of the comments.

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