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Ingrid Coronado exposes mistreatment of her children by Fer del Solar’s widow –

Ingrid Coronado confirms that her children were mistreated by the widow of Fer del Solar

Television host Ingrid Coronado recently revealed that her children were mistreated by the widow of Fer del Solar. The shocking confession came during an interview with , where she opened up about the incident that occurred during a family gathering.

Coronado, who shares two children with del Solar, expressed her deep disappointment and sadness over the mistreatment her kids faced. She emphasized the importance of respect and empathy towards children, stating that they should never be subjected to such behavior.

The incident took place when Coronado and her children visited del Solar’s widow, who was their stepmother at the time. According to Coronado, the widow made derogatory comments towards her children, belittling them in front of others.

As a caring mother, Coronado decided to intervene and protect her children from further mistreatment. She confronted the widow and expressed her disapproval of the disrespectful behavior. Despite the tense situation, Coronado remained composed and focused on advocating for her children’s well-being.

The television host’s revelation has sparked a discussion on social media about the importance of treating children with kindness and respect. Many people expressed their support for Coronado and applauded her for standing up against mistreatment.

This incident serves as a reminder that children deserve to be treated with love, care, and respect at all times. It calls for a collective effort to create a safe and nurturing environment for them.

Coronado’s bravery in addressing this issue showcases her commitment to her children’s happiness and well-being. She serves as an example for parents everywhere on the importance of advocating for their children and standing up against mistreatment.

As the public waits for further developments in this matter, it is crucial to remember that children should always be treated with dignity and affection. They deserve to grow up in an environment that fosters their emotional and psychological growth.

Let us hope that this incident raises awareness and encourages a deeper understanding of the importance of treating children with kindness and respect.

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