Ingrid Coronado’s Explosive Outburst against Fernando del Solar’s Widow

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Ingrid Coronado continues to defend the assets of her children

Ingrid Coronado continues to defend the assets of her children, Luciano and Paolo, the result of her relationship with Fernando del Solar, after the widow of the Argentine driver continues to inhabit the property that allegedly belongs to the minors.

I have started a lawsuit yet, I was waiting for her to hand it over to me willingly, I think that this is something that is not going to happen, there is no way that anyone else can keep that apartment, here the only thing we would lose in a lawsuit is time and money, and I find it sad that she is willing to do something like that, explained the presenter in an interview with the Sale el Sol program.

In the same way, the Mexican artist confessed that she exhausted all options to avoid interfering with the authorities in this case. “I’m not going to have any other choice, I tried by good means, but her lawyers have never appeared, she doesn’t respond either, and I have no other option but to protect my children’s assets,” she stressed.

Jointly, Coronado stressed that the house where Fer spent his last moments of life is owned by his minor children for a powerful reason. “It is not a department that is in dispute, I am not fighting anything, this department is in my name in a trust, and Half of it has been in my name all these years, that is, she has been living in an apartment belonging to the ex all this time, I would have thought that when she found out, she would say ‘OK, I don’t want to live there,’” he said.

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On the other hand, Ingrid took advantage of the moment to thank Del Solar’s friends who have asked Anna to give Fernando’s children the apartment where he currently lives.

“It suits me, Of course they loved Fer very much, because what they are doing is taking care of my children’s heritage, they love my children and my children love them, I have known Aarón since I was married, he is a friend of all life and I honestly appreciate all the love they have for my children and that they have always been by their side, and now that their father is not here, the fact that they are taking care of what is good for my children is something that It makes me feel very grateful. I think it’s incredible that they have to pay money out of their pockets for something that shouldn’t be like that, why don’t we do things correctly,” she said.

Finally, Coronado expressed his position before the versions that assure Ferro mistreated Fer in his last moments of life. “I cannot speak of something that I did not see. This situation seems to me to be painful. I was accused of a crime that I did not commit, from the beginning it was said that I had abandoned a sick person, to begin with, I did not abandon anyone and to continue, I was not sick at the time either, but finally a scandal of something that I had no responsibility for, that is the reality, but they know what the truth is and for me that is the most important thing,” he said.

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