Ingrid’s Norwegian Boyfriend Joins Her for a Momentous Date

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The discreet princess Ingrid of Norway

The discreet Princess Ingrid of Norway has been making headlines for a few days. The last one, the presence of her boyfriend at a very important appointment for the granddaughter of the kings Harald and Sonia, her graduation, to which she attended with her parents, princes Haakon and Mette-Marit.

Princess Ingrid of Norway

Last Tuesday, Princess Ingrid finished senior secondary school in Elvebakken, thus completing 13 years of schooling. The ceremony took place at the Oslo Concert Hall and her parents were with her.

The boyfriend’s presence

The couple was not the only one who was present on the last day as Ingrid’s schoolgirl. Her boyfriend Magnus Heien Haugstad, 23, also accompanied her at the celebrations, as shown by some images published by the Norwegian magazine Se og Hor. Magnus appears in a refreshed image with shorter hair.

Relationship details

The relationship between the princess and Magnus came to light last summer after the party for the 18th birthday with which Ingrid was honored by her grandfather the King. The young couple have been seen walking together and enjoying private plans. In what was her first interview, the Princess had said answering about a possible relationship that she preferred not to answer because it was something that belonged to her most intimate sphere.

About Magnus Haugstad

Magnus Heien Haugstad is a few years older than Ingrid and is originally from Jar in Baerum. He is the son of lawyer Hans Haugstad and studies at Lancaster University (United Kingdom) where he is pursuing a degree in Business Analytics at this university’s school of administration. Before that, she had taken an intensive course at St. Clare College in Oxford.

Ingrid’s future plans

Just this Monday, the Royal House of Norway cleared up the unknowns about the one who is called to be Queen in the future. In the autumn she will work at the Uranienborg school as a school assistant and environmental worker. This center is located in the Frogner district of Oslo and the Princess herself passed through her classrooms during the 2019-2020 academic year. Before her, she was in a kindergarten in Asker, in the Janslokka primary school and in the Oslo International School in Bekkestua. The last student stage of hers, between 2020 and 2023, she has developed at the Elvebakken Higher Secondary School, also in the capital.

Military training

In 2024, the eldest daughter of Haakon and Mette-Marit from Norway will begin military training by joining the engineer battalion of the Northern Brigade, where she will remain for a year. Next January she will settle in the Skjold camp in northern Norway and she will have a recruitment period before being assigned a specific position.

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