Injustice 2 creators apologize after celebrating Pride in the most misguided way

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Injustice 2 creators apologize after celebrating Pride in the most misguided way

We enter June, the prelude to summer and also the month of LGBTQIA + claims. Like so many other companies, the official Injustice 2 Mobile account has modified its profile image to display the rainbow flag. In that context, they have also presented a challenge to celebrate Pride 2021. The problem is that the objective was to attack Poison Ivy, also known as Poison Ivy, an openly bisexual character. “Ah, the wonderful Pride celebration by punching a barely dressed bi woman in the face,” writes a Resetera user (via Kotaku).

After users raised their voices, the tweet has completely disappeared, but the official Twitter account has not drained the bulge and has published a statement in which they apologize for the mistake. They promise to learn from what happened and underline their intention to fight against inequalities and violence towards this community.

Official statement

“We recognize that associating our most recent Global Challenge with Pride has been insensitive and inappropriate,” they say in the statement posted on social media. “Real-life violence against people from the LGBTQIA + community and women within this particular community is far too common.. We must make efforts to eliminate violence towards LGBTQIA + people, not normalize them. We apologize to the entire community, but especially to the LGBTQIA + members. We are committed to listening and doing better ”.

Injustice 2 and its mobile version is a fighting video game starring DC Comics characters. In fact, subscribers to Xbox Live or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate have the opportunity to get the first game completely free for Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Following the movements within Warner Bros, which have culminated in the WarnerMedia merger with Discovery, it is unclear which studios are part of the deal.

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