Injustice: Gods Among Us trailer shows Superman’s downfall

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Injustice is a popular videogame that has a history of what are known as elseworlds, outside of what is considered as reality within the universe DC. In this story, many things that fans of the brand take for granted are altered to give a new status quo to the most powerful heroes and villains. In that sense, the roles of Superman and Batman take preponderance.

Warner decided to take the story from Injustice for an animated film, highly anticipated by the fandom of DC. Today we have to inform that it is already available the film trailer and it has everything you would expect from a dark plot that modifies the League of Justice forever and leaves humanity exposed to almighty beings.

Superman will change forever!

The shared images show how the Joker aimed his wickedness against the noblest hero of all: Superman. Then, the villain who usually maintains his activity in Gotham, destroys Metropolis at the same time that he deceives Kal-El for what Sacrifice the lives of Lois Lane and her unborn child, which she was just going to have with Clark. The consequences will change the world forever.

Batman try to find answers from Joker, which assures him that he never had a reason to do the things he does. The villain’s fate is sealed. Superman he will not spare his life or all those who do not conform to his new authoritarian regime where evil will be punished with cruelty.

Bruce Wayne will be in charge of facing this new superman, who, mobilized by the death of his loved ones and the destruction of his city, will be the most dangerous villain in the history of DC. Can anyone stop the Kryptonian? Even if it is, make him see reason. Injustice arrives in physical and digital formats on October 19 in the United States.

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