Injustice: new and violent trailer of the animated film with the gore Superman

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The animated film based on Injustice, the popular comic book and video game franchise from DC in which your superheroes face a Evil superman, share its final trailer that you can see heading this news after the first trailer a few weeks ago. And it does it with the version called Red Band, that is, without any type of censorship and with several explicit scenes with sequences of extreme violence, only recommended for an adult audience as warned from Warner Bros.

Injustice: Gore’s Evil Superman

And it is that this new animated film of DC will not skimp on violence and gore through the annihilations that a Man of Steel will lead corrupted by the murder of Lois and her unborn child. Such will be the rage of Superman, that he will begin to kill in the most terrible ways several villains of the DC universe, such as the Joker, Solomon Grundy O Clayface, as this new trailer shows.

On the other hand, the rest of DC superheroes will try to stop the new world order imposed by a maddened Superman, with Batman at the head of the rebellion. And it is that this animated adaptation of Injustice tells us the events before the video game of NetherRealm Studios, when we witness the dark plan of the Joker for Clark Kent to unknowingly murder his beloved Lois, pregnant. Superman will go crazy and impose a totalitarian new world order.

Among the cast of the film we find the voices of Anson Mount (Batman), Laura Bailey (Lois Lane), Justin Hartley (Superman), Janet Varney (Wonder Woman), Gillian Jacobs (Harley Quinn) and Kevin Pollak (The Joker). Injustice will go on sale in the United States in both digital and Blu-ray formats next October 19, 2021. At the moment there is no official date of its launch in European territory.


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