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“Innocents”: 5 things that will happen this week on Antena 3 – MAG.

One of the Turkish productions that has become the favorite of thousands of people is undoubtedly “Innocent”, Which tells the story of Han, a successful man who struggles every day to support his father who suffers from an illness and his two older sisters Safiye and Gulben.

In this Ottoman drama also appears Inch, a young woman with dependency problems who lives with her brother and grandfather. Another detail of his life is that he cannot end his complicated relationship that he has with Civilized, her alcoholic boyfriend.

Their famous story begins when Inci helps Han in a traffic accident and takes him to a hospital. This couple will not be to the liking of the young man’s family, who will have to overcome many problems to achieve happiness.

The followers of the soap opera can see each episode through Antena 3. For this reason, many of the viewers will wonder what will happen in the next episodes? Well, here we tell you.

Continuing with its great success in Spain, the fans of the telenovela “Innocent”They will be able to see between Monday 18 and Tuesday 19 October five events that will generate great emotion.

Naci, who is calmly in his hotel, will be in for a great surprise when his wife Gülru appears before him with the aim of asking him only one thing and that is to complain to him for having abandoned her.

You have left not only me, but also our daughter. The girl misses you“Says Gülru who is determined to go talk to Safiye if her husband does not visit her daughter. Faced with this, he meets his daughter to whom he expresses “I’m not going to leave you alone againO”.

But that won’t be all for Naci, who upon returning to her hotel realizes that Safiye wrote her a note asking her not to leave. The man’s response was that they must meet at 4 in the afternoon the next day in his building.

This generates the emotion of Safiye who overflows with joy at all times and decides to get everything ready for that occasion taking into account that Naci is not married and there will be nothing that can get in her way.

This is how she fixes her hair and chooses the appropriate wardrobe for that meeting with the person she loves with all her soul. Despite her moment of happiness, the ghost of her mother seems to dominate her but she is determined that nothing derail her plans. His joy is very noticeable and his family is happy with it.

In the previous chapter Ege told Inci that he could see his father in poor condition and that his hands were seriously compromised and he was missing some fingers on his hand. But despite this, she tells Ege that she does not tell him anything about her father because she is still hurt by what he did years ago.

Inci can’t stand that her brother and grandfather have decided that their father should live close to the house they share. Faced with such a situation, the decision he makes is to leave together with Han. Far from showing pity for his father, he remembers how his mother died in an accident caused by his own father. “I can’t forgive you for taking it from me”, He says.

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