Inside Adamari López’s Home: The television host’s cherished haven

Adamari Lopez

Adamari López’s Most Special Place at Home

On several occasions, Adamari López has shown the corners of her beautiful home to her followers on social networks and on television. However, she needed to share the “most special place” that she has in her home.

After her abrupt departure from Telemundo, a chain in which she was the presenter of “Hoy Día” for more than a decade, Adamari López has found on her social networks the best way to be close to your public. Especially on Instagram and Tik Tok, where she publishes funny reels almost daily. The Puerto Rican television presenter is very loved by the public for her charisma and witticisms, in addition to the fact that she is always open to sharing part of her daily life.

In one of her publications, Adamari López confessed what is the “most special place” in her house. Do you know him? Here we show it to you.

Adamari López revealed what is the “most special place” she has in her house

Through her Facebook account, Adamari López revealed that the most special place in her house is a small corner of her spacious living room where she has many family memories. On a table, the television presenter has photos of her family, especially her parents, who died years ago.

“Here I am at my special little table where I have my family, my parents, photos from many years ago,” she began, sharing Adamari Lopez. “My dad and my mom passed away 8 years ago for dad and 10 years for my mom,” he added, showing photographs of his loved ones.

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The Puerto Rican artist explained that she also does it so that her daughter knows her grandparents through images: “But also for that Alaïa knows more about her grandparents and always keeps them in mind.”

“Obviously she didn’t have the opportunity to meet them and know how special they were, so I keep telling her stories about how I shared with them the memories I have of each one…,” she explained.

For the 51-year-old driver, in this space she houses “many of the memories” of her parents and special moments. “Since young daddy and young mommy, when they got married, photos of my brothers when they took us to do activities for which my dad was a furniture maker and then conventions were held…,” she pointed out.

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