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Carmen Villalobos: Inside Frederik Oldenburg’s Journey to Winning Over the Actress

Carmen Villalobos, the popular Colombian actress, confirmed her separation from Sebastián Caicedo in July 2022 after being in a relationship for more than 13 years. Despite getting married four times to Caicedo, Villalobos decided to focus on her role as a presenter on “Top Chef VIP”. Later in January, she was captured with Frederik Oldenburg, an athlete, and presenter, in a compromising situation that confirmed their relationship.

Since then, the couple has been flaunting their love for each other on social media platforms, with Frederik surpassing half a million followers and Villalobos having more than 21.7 million users. Recently, the couple has shared details of their relationship on Instagram, with Frederik posting about his effort to surprise Villalobos by visiting her in Colombia while juggling his busy schedule at Telemundo, the network he works for.

Despite the challenges, Frederik managed to surprise her with a flower arrangement and a passionate kiss at the doors of the “Top Chef VIP” set where she was filming the show with Sara Corrales. Villalobos expressed her gratitude for Frederik’s effort and dedication in making time for their relationship amid their busy schedules.

The couple has also been exchanging romantic messages on Instagram, with earlier posts by Villalobos where she shared her plans for the year and Frederik responding with emojis of kisses, hearts, and thoughts. Although the meaning of these symbols remains a mystery to their fans, the couple seems deeply in love.

Although Sebastián Caicedo was an important person in Villalobos’ life and they remained together for a long time, he has not commented on her new romance with Frederik. Their fans, however, have been curious to know what he thinks about their relationship.

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