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Inside HGTV Star Alison Victoria’s Romance With Brandt Andersen

Even though Alison Victoria typically keeps her personal life off-air, she recently opened up about her new relationship in an interview with Us Weekly. Victoria, known for her work on HGTV, described her boyfriend as “the most amazing human” she’s ever met. She added, “I love that everybody already knew how amazing he was. And now I could just be so proud to be next to him.”

Brandt Andersen, Victoria’s boyfriend, shared how their relationship began. According to Andersen, they were friends before they became romantically involved. “I have no friends who I laugh with like I did with her,” he remarked. “It just became something more because we just love being with each other.” This sense of camaraderie seems to be a key component of their bond, as evidenced by Victoria’s first public mention of her partner.

During an episode of “Ugliest House in America,” fans quickly linked Andersen to a painting that Victoria found particularly amusing. Featuring a wild-eyed, messy-haired figure, the painting reminded Victoria of Andersen. “That looks like my boyfriend,” she commented, laughing. “He’s gonna hate me, but there you are… lover.” The humorous twist came when Victoria and host Retta discovered that the figure in the painting was actually a woman. By the end of the episode, Victoria bought the artwork from the homeowner, likely sharing a good laugh with Andersen about the whole situation.

Victoria and Andersen’s relationship seems to be built on a foundation of good times and mutual respect. Their journey from friendship to romance has been marked by laughter and personal connection, making their story all the more endearing.

Source: Us Weekly