“Inside Khloé Kardashian’s Surrogate Decision: Overcoming Guilt to Expand Her Family”

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Khloé Kardashian Confirms Name of Second Child

Television star Khloé Kardashian has confirmed that the name of her second child, the result of her tumultuous relationship with basketball player Tristan Thompson, is Tatum. However, what’s really new isn’t just the name reveal. Kardashian has been completely open about her latest parenting experience, which has been anything but ideal.

The Struggles of Being a Second-Time Mom

In conversation with her former brother-in-law Scott Disick, father of three with Kourtney Kardashian, the celebrity has admitted that her “connection” with the little one isn’t as strong as the one she has with her eldest daughter True, born five years ago. Although she hasn’t directly attributed this problem to the surrogacy, it seems that it’s implicit in the feeling of guilt that still grips her ten months after the birth of her offspring.

“I feel guilty because this woman had to have my baby, and then I took him to another room, and it was like we broke up. I feel like it was a transactional experience. I wish people were more honest about surrogacy and how different it is. I’m not saying it’s better or worse, but it is clear that it is different,” she reflected on the particularities of this procedure, very controversial and emphatically prohibited in several countries.

Emotional Blow in the Middle of Her Second Foray into Maternity

The businesswoman has also spoken about the emotional blow she received in the middle of her second foray into maternity. The NBA star, with whom she had reconciled a few years before, was unfaithful again and also ended up conceiving a child with the personal trainer Maralee Nichols.

Tristan refused to acknowledge his son at first, but subsequent DNA testing confirmed the parent-child relationship, and the judge ordered him to take care of his support. “I definitely buried my head in the ground during that pregnancy so that I didn’t digest what was happening. Of course, I was in a state of shock, but I would say that it was because of all the experience that I was living,” Kardashian said.

Kardashian’s honesty is a refreshing take on surrogacy and the struggles that come with parenting. It’s commendable that she’s willing to share her experience and be vulnerable with her audience. It’s a reminder that motherhood is a unique and challenging journey that comes with its own set of ups and downs.

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