“Inside Look: Magdalena of Sweden Shares Never-Before-Seen Photos From Her Wedding to Chris O’Neill a Decade Ago”

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Princess Madeleine’s Unforgettable Day

It was an unforgettable day for the Bernadottes. On June 8, 2013, Princess Madeleine, the youngest daughter of Carlos Gustavo and Silvia of Sweden, married Chris O’Neill, a British financier. There were two days to go before her 30th birthday, and the bride was exultant in a Valentino Garavani design with a ‘boat’ neckline and a slight opening on the back.

Now, when she is about to turn 40, the Princess looks back to dust off the private photographs with the moments she remembers most fondly, those that capture intimacy, nerves and happiness beyond the well-cared and measured public images of that day. Magdalena from Sweden returns to New York with her three children, a trip of great significance for her.

Chronological Order of Memories

In chronological order, Magdalena begins by showing three portraits of herself before saying ‘yes’, I want’, radiant with the fringe tiara of her father, the King and on her back wearing the imposing silk organza veil with lace. After her, with her mother, Queen Silvia, we see her face slightly tense before heading to the chapel of the royal palace in Stockholm.

The following already reflects the smile of the newlyweds and the first confidences after the ceremony.

Royal Reception and Dance Party

The banquet was held at Drottningholm Palace. There, before the 500 guests, Chris O’Neill addressed a few words to his wife before the enamored gaze of his now wife, whom he appears kissing in the following image in full wedding toast. After dinner, the long-awaited party made the couple vibrate on the dance floor, whom we see absolutely uninhibited in the latest photos that Magdalena from Sweden has shared.

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New Life with a Loving Financier

Ten years ago, the youngest of the Swedish kings began a new life with a man in love with a princess, but with no intention of becoming a prince. Although the ‘yes, I want’ was celebrated with a full-fledged royal wedding, their relationship was born away from the Court. Magdalena had moved to New York in 2010 after her bitter breakup with Jonas Bergstrom, to whom she was engaged. There, he met the financier who, from the first moment, requested to remain a private citizen and not receive any kind of royal status.

Returning to Sweden with Their Children

O’Neill later, but some public opinion was not so lenient when it saw that the couple seemed to have no intention of raising their children in Sweden. Until now. After living in New York, London and Miami, the couple is about to return permanently to the Nordic country with their three children, Leonore, nine years old; Nicholas, seven; and Adrienne, five. Magdalena from Sweden shares these cherished intimate moments with us and we wish their family all the happiness in the world.

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