“Inside Oprah Winfrey’s Obsession with Tina Turner-Inspired Movie for a Deep Connection”

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Oprah Winfrey: Wearing Her Tina Turner-Inspired Wig to Bed

Oprah Winfrey recently confessed that she wore her Tina Turner-inspired wig to bed to feel closer to her childhood idol. The 69-year-old host admitted that she was such a huge fan of the late icon that she even followed her on tour at the age of 40. During the 1997 ‘Wildest Dreams’ tour, Oprah wore a huge faux hairpiece based on one of Tina’s signature bobs to feel like she was part of the show.

In a resurfaced YouTube chat, Oprah shared her obsession with Tina and her wig. She revealed that she loved her wig so much that she started wearing it on weekends and to bed. It took her partner, Stedman Graham, to intervene and tell her that she was taking things too far. Oprah had been so attached to the wig that she admitted to traveling to Tina’s concerts “at great expense.”

During a recent interview on ‘CBS Mornings,’ Oprah opened up about the friendship she formed with Tina before the singer’s death, saying that Tina had told her she was “ready to go” before she passed away. Oprah added that she knew that Tina had been battling illnesses, including kidney problems, for years.

Despite the passing of her childhood idol, Oprah admitted that she still loves her Tina wig. She said if she had it right now, she would still wear it. For her, the wig was a source of happiness and a way to connect with her idol.

In conclusion, Oprah’s obsession with Tina, particularly her wig, shows how idols can connect with their fans in a unique and personal way. Oprah’s love for the wig also shows how a simple accessory can bring joy and happiness to one’s life.

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