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‘Inside Out 2’ Becomes Pixar’s Highest-Grossing Film Globally at $1.251B+

As it continues its remarkable journey, Disney/Pixar’s *Inside Out 2* has now become the highest-grossing Pixar movie of all time at the worldwide box office. With the latest figures, it has surpassed Pixar’s *Incredibles 2* ($1.243 billion) to achieve this new milestone. Through Tuesday, *Inside Out 2* had accumulated a staggering $1,251.5M globally. Directed by Kelsey Mann, this juggernaut is now the fourth highest-grossing animated film ever on a worldwide scale. Notably, Japan has yet to open the film, with its release scheduled for August 1.

Riley, Joy, Anxiety, Fear, Ennui and the rest are now gearing up to overtake *Frozen*, which amassed $1.285 billion. This incredible feat is expected to be accomplished in the coming days, possibly over the weekend, making *Inside Out 2* the third-highest-grossing animated film globally.

On Tuesday, the international box office crossed the $700 million mark, with the overseas total now at $708M. Domestically, the film stands at $543.5M. On the same day, the movie garnered an additional $11.8M from 45 international markets, contributing to an impressive 31% drop from the prior frame’s weekend. As of now, *Inside Out 2* is the eighth highest-grossing animated film and the top Pixar title of all time internationally.

The top five overseas markets for the film so far include:
* Mexico ($91.5M), where *Inside Out 2* recently became the biggest movie ever.
* Brazil ($58.9M).
* UK ($52.4M).
* Korea ($49M).
* Italy ($41M).

Domestically, *Inside Out 2* remains the 17th highest-grossing film of all time in the industry and holds the third spot among animated films in the domestic market.

Source: Deadline