Instagram finally lets you create Reels of up to a minute

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Short videos are widely consumed on the Internet. Users enter their profiles to find those that are related to their tastes and others that the application shows because they are relevant. This happens in TikTok, which is one of the most widespread, but in Menlo Park they look for a way to keep their users and For that it gives them a greater extension in the Reels of Instagram.

You can now make 60 second reels

One of the things that users demand in applications that seem somewhat adjusted in their functions is an extension of these. We have seen it in functions such as the extension of Twitter tweets that now reach 280 characters, double what they were in the beginning. But this also happens in other multimedia content applications such as Instagram.

Surely you have seen how the Reels work, those small videos of a few seconds that are very similar to those that are uploaded to TikTok. The Chinese company has created its own niche and now the rest are in its wake waiting to surpass it somehow. But for now the competitors they are content to match it, as is the case with Instagram and its 60-second Reels.

This has been confirmed by the photography social network through its official Twitter account, where it has not only published the simple text that you have in front of you, but also a meme in which it implies the progression of the signature from no have the reels up to the current 60 seconds duration.

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How to Take Advantage of 60 Second Reels

The ability to have 60 second reels will arrive in future updates at the latest. The best thing is that for your part you just have to install it and once you have done it, you just have to slide the home page to the left, move the options to the Reels part and press the button. Afterwards, you will see the extension at the top as the counter goes down from 60 seconds to zero.

However, if we take a look at what the Chinese application is capable of, Menlo Park have a long way to go. And it is that TikTok reaches up to three minutes in duration between its capacities, so Instagram still has to make an effort.


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