Instagram news: “take a break” is here

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A pioneer in this, in 2018 Apple took note of the groups that complained about their devices creating addiction, introducing tools to prevent these cases and starting with iOS 12, which implemented the Screen Time function, offering users detailed information and tools so that they understand and better control the time they spend using apps and websites.

Daily and weekly activity reports show total time spent on individual apps, usage by app category, how many notifications have been received, and how many times the iPhone or iPad has been picked up.

Instagram Take a Break

Facebook also takes the health of users seriously on one of its networks – star, which is why in November it announced ‘Take a Break’, a function whose main purpose is to suggest to the user to do the same: Take a break. Now when a user has been scrolling through Instagram for quite some time, the app will ask you to take a break and set reminders for the future.


Teens, in particular, will receive notifications to set those reminders to make sure they are aware of the feature. They’ll also see expert-backed tips to help them “reflect and restart “.

How much time do you spend on Instagram

In March 2022, Instagram will also launch tools for parents and guardians that will allow them to see how much time their children spend in the application and set time limits. Teens will also have the option of notifying their parents if they report someone, which will serve to signal to the adults in their life that they may need to talk about it.

And another of the experimental functions that Instagram is testing will be very useful for teenagers and young people who want to eliminate their activity in the application from when they were much younger. This new tool will allow users to massively delete photos and videos they have posted, as well as all their “likes” and comments. The feature will be available to everyone in January.

Goodbye Label

Another test feature will expand on what Instagram started doing earlier this year, when it banned adults from texting teens who weren’t following them. Early next year, it will also disable the ability to tag or mention teens by unfollowed adults, or to include their content in Reels Remixes or Guides.

Finally, the possibility of further limit the sensitive content teens view and you are building an experience that pushes users to another topic if they have been scrolling through a topic for a while. All these measures are intended to “make Instagram a safer place for teens”.


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