Instagram problems on iPhone with iOS 15: There is no sound in the Stories

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Although all operating systems spend months in a state of testing, testing and bug correction, due to their complexity and the variety of devices and applications to which they must be coupled, it is normal for new bugs to appear, unexpected bugs that must be resolved on the March. And if the OS is new, even more so, which is exactly what is happening to iOS 15 with one of the most used social networks on a daily basis: Instagram.

The failure of Instagram Stories with iOS 15

Some Instagram users on mobiles with the iOS operating system have begun to experience problems in the reproduction of the sound of the Stories, and networks such as Reddit have welcomed their complaints. The fault seems to be located mainly in Apple mobiles that have updated to iOS 15, version that you can already download if your iPhone is compatible.

And what is the problem? Apparently, the bug causes the mobile phones in silence not to play the audio of the Stories, such as have been explained by various users on Reddit. Having the mobile silent should only affect the sound of notifications and calls, but not the applications and the multimedia content that they play.

Patch to the rescue

Affected Reddit users have explained that the only way to hear the sound of Stories is deactivate the silent mode, and that the incident does not affect the rest of Instagram publications. From Facebook -owner of Instagram- they have assured it’s a statement who are aware of the existence of “a problem listening to the audio in the Stories “ and they work “to solve the error as quickly as possible ”.

For everyone who has Instagram installed, try:

  1. Open the App Store
  2. Touch the profile icon in the upper right corner
  3. Drag down the screen to update the list of available app updates.
  4. Instagram should show the update to version 206.1 – thus solving the annoying error
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