Instagram Reels finally have voice filters like TikTok

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Instagram is on the warpath with many applications dedicated to the multimedia section. And it has been able to get into other ways such as the use of short videos in the style of TikTok, the app that is now more fashionable than ever. But the fact is that in Menlo Park they are working to shorten distances and for that They have added new voice filters to their Reels.

Voice filters finally arrive on Instagram

In the applications of video Anything goes as long as it makes content as fun as possible. We refer to the use of all the tools available in each application to change your shape, appearance and voice. For this there are a lot of filters that you can use to your advantage and with which you will get a good result to even become famous with a little fun and joy.

They know this in all social networks where you have the possibility to stand out with the charisma you have and, why not, with the help of voice filters for Reels. The company has presented to the world two proposals so that its users do not have to go to other applications to find them. Yes, and it is that many users who work with Reels have the habit of going through TikTok or an editing app before to obtain filters that the Meta app does not have.

In the case of the news that Instagram proposes, we have two new features: the first has to do with the text that you put in the application itself. From now on, every time you put a text you will have the option of having the program read aloud what you have written. That way you will make the video more loud. The other option is a voice editor that will give users more game to add more fun to their videos.

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This last option will be available after you shoot a video. Then comes the time for editing magic. Here you will have different options available to try, such as the typical ‘helium voice’ or one that resembles that of a robot, all for the use and enjoyment of all users regardless of whether they are regular content creators or not. You just have to go through this function to test them.

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