Instagram renames its best friends role

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From time to time, the different applications that you use in your day to day undergo changes that seem priceless. A modification in the settings, the position of some buttons or a new font are some of these details that can give you an idea of ​​what can happen in a future in the Instagram app with its best friends feature.

Small changes on Instagram

Instagram stories are one of the most used functions by users. Publishing a photo that disappears within 24 hours can be what a user wants at a certain time, but the best thing is that not all your followers can have that privilege thanks to a function called Best Friends. You choose who those chosen are, but soon this function will have great news.

And it is that according to what counts 9to5Mac, Menlo Park will change the name of this feature to Chosen People. The reason is as clear as to help content creators take advantage of this feature for the exclusive content they generate through these perishable photographs.. The truth is that this function was already observed a while ago under the name of Exclusive Stories, which is undoubtedly a much more catchy name.

At the moment, according to the media, this feature will not be operational in all countries. its test market is that of Brazil, who will be the first to see how this new feature works and evaluate its results. From here, and if everything works as the company wants, we could see this function active in time, although that will depend on the market’s response to this type of practice.

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Let’s remember that until now all content creators upload their photos to Instagram do it for free. You just have to follow them and you will automatically have access to all the content they upload, both their traditional publications and the stories that will be accessible for 24 hours or the seconds of duration that they have you glued to the screen of your smartphone or computer. The big question that arises will be the price of that subscription to this exclusive service and if, taking into account the above, users would pay for that content.


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