Instagram reveals impressive alternative to Twitter

Instagram reveals impressive alternative to Twitter

Instagram’s New Goal: To Compete with Twitter

Instagram, one of the most popular social networks, is always on the move with changes that serve to enhance the application’s functionality. However, it seems that Instagram’s newest goal is to make Twitter disappear. An article by Lia Haberman in her ICYMI Substack newsletter provides insight into the new Instagram app’s design that resembles Twitter, but with a touch of Instagram’s characteristic colors and icons.

Although this information is not yet verified, Haberman has a strong background and shared a marketing slide that appears to be very real. According to Haberman, the new app’s code name is P92 or Barcelona, and users can log in with their Instagram name and password while their followers and other account details transfer from the main app.

With a design that’s similar to Twitter, Instagram plans to take advantage of Twitter’s instability by gaining a wider customer base and offering a feed to publish text posts of up to 500 characters, with attached links, photos, and videos. Followers can like and forward them similar to Instagram.

Interestingly, the published marketing template revealed Instagram’s plans to be compatible with other applications such as Mastodon. Users of these other apps can search, follow, and interact with profiles and content publicly or privately and approve them as followers.

This move could be a significant blow for Twitter, which is already losing customers daily. Instagram’s global launch of this new application could serve as the final straw for a social network in decline.

In conclusion, while the information has yet to be verified, many believe that this will be the design of Instagram’s next Twitter-based app, making Twitter’s future uncertain.

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