Instagram strengthens its anti-abuse tool

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Social media is full of content that you can accept or ignore. His thing is to opt for the first ones by seeing everything that other users publish, but the truth is that some prefer to express their disagreement with a constant abuse of the profiles of those who are not related. This is reason enough for Instagram to rStrengthen your anti-abuse tools to avoid the most belligerent users.

New ways to avoid Instagram bullies

Unfortunately, it cannot be said that social networks are a place where anyone can always establish good links with the rest of the world. Of course, there are always those who do not agree with the opinion of another and here two things can happen: that a correct debate is generated in which opinions differ from respect or quite the opposite. It is in this second where we include all those who are dedicated to constantly calling attention to others.

Therefore, if you are one of those who suffer this type of harassment, it will help you to know that Instagram will bring a new booster to fight bullies. The tools are simple to use and prevent all those actions that can pose a serious problem for your experience as a user within the photographic social network. And, how could it be otherwise, the preventive method focuses on the messages and comments you receive from other people.

The new tool is capable of canceling all the direct messages you receive from users that are unknown to you. In the Privacy part of the settings there will be a section called Limits, which will give you the power to choose who are those who can or cannot comment on the images you post.

The first thing is that the application itself it will give you a recommendation of who are the ones who cannot post on your profile, something that will help you choose who are the users who can speak or comment to you. On the other hand, Instagram it will give you an anti-abuse tool that acts as moderation, which works so that you can see who comments but only the comments that you accept will be published. Until then, these will be hidden awaiting verification. On the other hand, even if you set these limits, your publications will appear in the same way in the Exploration part of the whole world.

This tool has two biases to choose from, which are the new users who follow you as well as the accounts that have not yet. You can also choose how long you want to put the limit and, if it meets, the app will notify you if you want to renew it.


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