Instagram tests how to join the NFT trend

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Instagram is the favorite site for lovers of photography and graphic content. There are many users who come to it in order to post their content on the Internet, something that for many is their job. But in the world of the Internet there are more and more things in which money can be invested, even in a digital version. They have realized this in Meta, to the point of target Instagram in the fashion of the NFTs.

Instagram within the NFTs

Meta is one of the companies that are actively working in order to enter different parts of the Internet and conquer them. It is a fact that she is interested in the metaverse, a virtual place where people can interact on the Internet by themselves without direct help from a keyboard or mouse. There is no doubt that it is the future, but there are more things that are currently a present to explore.

And it is that although there are many who direct their commitment to investing in cryptocurrencies, there are those who seek to invest with them in what is known as NFT. These are the acronyms of Not Fungible Token, which are objects that are not physical but that belong to you for buying them. Most of these are illustrations that many artists post on the Internet and put up for auction on specific sites.

Do you see now where the shots are going? It turns out that, according to what it says Business Insider In its lines, Meta is looking for a way to join the NFT trend. According to the statements made by the CEO of the company, Adam Mosseri, “there is nothing to announce yet, but we are definitely actively exploring NFTs and how we can make them more accessible to a wider audience.”

This or what it would do would be to democratize access to NFT to users around the world, or at least its applications.

To buy, do you have to invest?

The fact that Meta is behind a project that puts NFTs in the hands of Instagram users is good news for the future. As we were telling you, little progress has been made in this regard, but the project is on its way. We will have to wait how the company is able to make compatible the purchase of NFT elements such as investing in cryptocurrencies or the purchase of these.


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