Instagram translates the text of the Stories for you

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One of the most recurring functions on Instagram are Stories. They are those publications that appear at the top of your profile, where you will find content that disappears within 24 hours of its publication. They have been working for a long time and today in Menlo Park it is a feature that has transcended other apps such as Facebook or WhatsApp. Now they receive a great news that will help translate the texts that appear in the Stories.

New text translation in Instagram Stories

Social networks are expanding all over the world. There are many users who enter day and and day also to take a look at the publications of your friends or upload your own content. They can be from normal post to take advantage of all the benefits that the service allows. On Instagram you have many options such as Reels or upload longer videos thanks to Instagram TV.

But of all of them that appear on the social network, the one with the most presence is found in the rounds at the top of the app. We talk about Stories, which have a new feature that will help everyone understand. And it is that you may follow accounts of famous people who do not speak your language, something you know because you cannot read the characters in the images or because you do not know the language that appears.

The process in these cases, if you want to find out, is to translate the text in an Internet translator or take a screenshot and use an augmented reality application that does the work for you. Sure if you’ve ever done this you will know how tedious it is, but luckily this new feature will save you all these steps.

Turns out that Menlo Park have put a translator to Instagram Stories. This is very advantageous to understand all the content that you do not understand due to lack of knowledge of the language. Its use has to do with the translation of all the text that appears in the Storie, which is analyzed and translated by clicking on an option at the bottom of the app. You will see in a new text box what the content of this means if you have to go around the Internet more. Its integration will be done soon at a global level and available in 90 languages.


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