Instagram will allow you to see the publications of your favorite profiles first

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If you are a frequent user of any of the social networks, surely you have already realized that each of them uses its particular algorithm to show you the new posts. Algorithms that only they themselves know how they work and that users are not clear about how they choose the priority when showing them new publications.

In principle, everything indicates that these algorithms should take into account our preferences, tastes and interactions within the social network with other users and profiles. However, this information is also often used to show us advertisements. In the case of Instagram, everything indicates that this could change very soon, since I would be working on a new feature that will allow users to choose their favorite profiles and prioritize the appearance of their publications over that of the rest of the accounts that follow.

Priority to the publications of your favorite profiles

This is a different function from the list of favorite users or closest friends that allows us to choose when publishing a new story and that only they are the ones who can see it. In this case, it is about being able to mark the profiles that we follow as favorites. In this way, Instagram will give you higher priority and it will show your publications on our timeline before those of the rest of the users we follow.

This is a leak in which you can also see some screenshots of how this function will work. This new feature that would be in development and testing has been discovered by the developer Alessandro Paluzzi, who has shared the screenshots of the new Favorites feature that Instagram is working on.

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Since it is only a leak, it is not known when this new feature could arrive in the Instagram app or if it will at some point. In any case, there is no doubt that it would be something well received by users of the social network, since it would be even more attractive to them.

And it is that in this way, in addition to being able see as a priority the publications of the users that arouse us the most interest, we will prevent this type of publication from getting lost among the rest of the users that we follow and are quite active on the social network. Undoubtedly, this would also mean a better user experience, it would facilitate interaction between users with the same interests.

So far, the only way we have to achieve something similar is by silencing some of the profiles that we follow to prevent many of their posts and stories from appearing to us.


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