Instagram will ask you for a selfie video to verify your identity

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When Facebook changed its name to Meta, Mark Zuckerberg announced changes and developments in its services in order to get that ecosystem or Metaverse connected. And their products are already experiencing it, since for example Instagram will add an extra layer of security to verify the identity of an account.

Selfi video to launch Instagram

As expert and leakster Matt Navarra has leaked on their social networks, Instagram will ask users of the social network to verify their identity when accessing the account with a video selfie, a short recording of your face that the platform will remove after 30 days.

Meta’s social network has introduced an identification system based on the user’s face, by which they are requested to record a short video in which your head is seen from different directions. This new layer of security seeks to help confirm that the user is a real person, although it is not detailed if only in the case of newly created accounts or in all, including existing ones.

It will be deleted after a month

As we pointed out, according to Navarra himself the selfie video will not be seen on Instagram, and it will be removed after 1 month. It also says that this action of the app does not collect biometric data from him and it does not use facial recognition technology.

Undoubtedly a useful measure to prevent fraud and identity theft, but it remains to be seen if it is equally liked by the billions of users of the Meta social network.


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