Instagram will let you practice your live shows before doing them

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They say that the best improvisation is the one that is prepared. And it is that even if you do not believe it, the more you prepare to do an event in front of many people or speak live, the better it will be. Fluency is acquired with practice and, above all, confidence. And these two features may be reason enough to use the new Instagram option that is coming to practice your live shows before doing them.

Practice your Instagram direct

Instagram not only has a function with which you can enter the social network and put the photo or photos that you want to share with the rest of the world. You can also make longer or shorter videos depending on what you need, but one of the most interesting and with which the most people interact is the live format. Sure you follow some famous or celebrity who do this type of practice, but you can also do it from your smartphone.

It is something very simple and you only need to have something to tell and put yourself in front of the camera to start the live show. But before you start, you may need to do a test to be clear that everything is going to be fine. And it is that this function is in transit and it’s called practice mode. This ‘anteroom’ has the characteristic that it lets you configure the live show to your liking and, in addition, make the necessary checks so that the sound, image and sound are perfect.

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New event schedule

The other option that Instagram has in operation also has to do with all the events that you can carry out in the application. Of course we talk about live shows at all times, which you can schedule in advance. Specifically, tyou will be up to 90 days away until the event starts so you can run a campaign to talk to your fans and give them expectation that something big is coming.

You can see that the application is targeting more content creators, who are the ones that move all the masses in the social network. We just have to wait how the social network evolves with these news that has been echoed Mashable on your lines.


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