Instagram will put ads in your shopping section

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That social networks have become the perfect place for companies to advertise is a fact. There are not a few firms that try to sell their products in this way, nor are the new ones that are made known to the world for a small price, but you have to know how and where to advertise. Instagram is one of the most interesting because of the number of users it moves and now the firm is trying to put ads in the shopping section.

Ads in the Instagram Store

Surely you have bought online on some occasion. The ability to preview the product, added to the ability to see what those who have bought the product think is a real advantage. But the companies that choose to put advertising on these pages are clear that their ad can appear to many people in the different sections of the network in which they have paid.

Each one has its own segmentation and although they have a lot of space there are still some in which they have not fully explored their capabilities. This is the case of Instagram, where now they are looking for a way to put ads in their section of the store. This may be one of the most neglected parts of the application when compared to the rest of it, but now it seems that it will become a new showcase.

This part is already a shopping showcase, but that has nothing to do with which Instagram put ads in your Store. It is not yet clear what the format of these announcements will be in this section, but it seems that the first tests will be done in the United States. That’s right, this new feature will arrive in a trial format at first and if everything goes well it will reach all versions as soon as possible.

Instagram, an increasingly requested platform

Menlo Park are clear that they have to take advantage of their portals as much as they can. WhatsApp is the only one that needs a return to get profitability without decrypting messages, but that seems like an odyssey. For now, the company is content with putting advertising on Instagram Reels and maintaining advertising in stories and among the publications that your contacts upload.


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