Instagram will recommend that you download the Facebook app, why?

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Many may think that social networks are all the same, but that is not entirely true. Even coming from the same parent company, they all have something that characterizes them and even feed off each other in terms of functions. We see this in the Menlo Park house, where they have made a very curious decision in this regard. It turns out that very soon you will have in front of you an ad on Instagram that invites you to use Facebook, but why?.

If you use Instagram, you can also use Facebook

As we have already told you, there are many companies that have several products that are developed in the same segment. The clearest example is the one that stars in this news and that is that Mark Zuckerberg not only has Facebook in his possession, but also WhatsApp and Instagram among others. But today we have to focus on the way that two of them have of remembering the presence of one. And it is that soon you will see notices on Instagram that will announce that you also use Facebook.

In case you did not know, if you have an account in one of the two you can link it to your existing account of the other or create a new one. But in Menlo Park they want you to know this and that you can take advantage of the benefits of Facebook. The platform has been active for years, but every time it brings more and more news. According to the statements it collects Engadget from a company spokesperson “We are testing a way for people who have connected their Instagram accounts to Facebook to learn about features that are only available there, such as how to find a job, date online, buy and sell products or wear up to date with the latest news. “

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The ones you have on Instagram … and you miss out on Facebook

This is basically the idea. Instagram is focused on many interesting functions beyond what it is to share your photos with the rest of the world. You can buy and see the new Reels, in addition to creating Stories, but these functions can be expanded with what Facebook gets. There are many characteristics that the social network has and that Instagram lacks because it specializes in multimedia. But in the end, the decision is all yours. If in the future you see a notice that invites you to create your Facebook account You will only have to cancel it or pay attention to it if you choose to do so.


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