Instagram will shut down Threads at the end of 2021

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Users who spend a lot of time on Instagram are clear that it is not a simple app to take photos. There are those who also use it as a messaging application, something understandable thanks to the fact that it also has this function, but many of us may use Instagram, also its other application called Threads that will close its doors at the end of 2021.

Goodbye to Threads in late 2021

Messaging apps always work and there are not a few that are on the market waiting to be used. Maybe even on your mobile you have more than one, and some covert as they can be in the case of Facebook or Instagram. But it is this second that we have to talk about with the presence in the market of a second app focused on the field of messaging.

It was conceived to speak with the closest people and with images. Something like using the Stories only with the closest friends and, in addition, they were not seen in the main instagram app. So the first thing you have to do is take photos to communicate with the rest of your contacts with whom you want to establish communication, but it seems that this is coming to an end.

From Instagram they have taken the initiative of close Threads at the end of this 2021. Its presence has not been very long-lasting, since it was launched back in October 2019 when we talked about this new application as something new. However, following what counts TechCrunch, the app has not passed its adoption phase and in the United States it has sunk into the lowest positions of applications in the same category.

Meta gets rid of what it doesn’t need

Meta is in a moment of important growth after that radical name change. It is a matter of time before we see what plans you have for the future, but for now it is clear that you are getting rid of what you do not need. Between these things there is the closing of Threads, that will allow the company to focus on more important projects or at least to direct its efforts to projects much more relevant to the development of that promised metaverse.


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