Instructions: Build your own popcorn maker for home theater

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This was the scene when I showed my living room home cinema to a friend: When the projector was running, the right film was selected and the sound system, along with the bodyshaker hidden in the sofa, was blowing through the ear canals and intestines, the comment came: “Now all that’s missing Popcorn! ”Ouch, my movie theater wasn’t (yet) as perfect as I thought.

Of course, I didn’t want to let that sit on me. After a few considerations, which were inspired by the cat feeder, the concept was ready: A standard popcorn machine with a fairground look and a cereal dispenser should be turned into a device that automatically starts producing an amount of popcorn when a bowl is placed on it that fits the size of the bowl.

More make projects and tools:

Which vessel is used should be recognized by the machine using RFID tags that are stuck under the bottom of the bowl. The corn rationing was supposed to be done by a stepper motor. The actual popcorn machine would then be started via a relay and switched off again after a specified time.

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