Intel loses ground to AMD due to lower demand for Chromebook

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(Bloomberg) – Intel Corp. gave up more than two percentage points of market share to Advanced Micro Devices Inc. in the third quarter, marking another setback for a chip pioneer that has lost some of its technology edge.

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AMD accounted for 24.6% of personal computer processor sales in the third quarter, up from 22.5% a year earlier, according to Mercury Research. The change was accelerated by a sharp drop in demand for chips used to power low-end laptops like the Chromebook, which rely on Intel processors.

Intel still has 75% of the PC processor market and remains the world’s largest chipmaker. But AMD has eroded its dominance, especially in the high-end computing market.

Intel is also suffering from a post-pandemic hangover. When lockouts and quarantines forced students and office staff to work from home last year, many bought Chromebooks with Intel processors. Now that many have returned to school and face-to-face work, there is less demand for these devices.

“The lower end of the laptop and Chromebook market has evaporated,” Mercury analyst Dean McCarron said in a report.

AMD and Intel are the sole providers of so-called X86 processors, the chips that make up the heart of most of the world’s laptops and desktops, as well as most of the servers that power the internet and corporate networks. AMD has been gaining ground in the market, thanks both to new products and Intel’s delays in improving their manufacturing.

AMD has limited exposure to the lower-end Chromebook market and advanced in the most lucrative part of the industry last quarter, gaining more than 10% of the server processor market.

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