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“Intense French Thriller Kompromat Explores the Menace of Russian Intelligence Agencies”

Kompromat: A Skillfully Written Thriller

Kompromat, the Russian file, directed by Jerome Salle and starring Gilles Lellouche, Joanna Kulig, Louis-Do de Lencquesaing, and Aleksey Gorbunov, is a powerful 127-minute long thriller with a well-managed espionage plot of increasing tension. The film is set to premiere on Thursday, 27th of January 2022, and is rated suitable for ages 13+ with reservations.

The Plot

The story follows Mathieu Roussel, portrayed excellently by Gilles Lellouche, director of the Alliance Française in Irkutsk, Siberia, who finds himself embroiled in a drama of police corruption, manipulation of justice, and political ambiguity. He is denunciaed based on a forged document, commonly known as Kompromat, that lands him in jail, leading him on a journey to prove his innocence and to clear his name.

The film also raises the issue of the contemporary debate on the cancellation culture, showing the darker edges of media manipulation of totalitarian characteristics that manage to shape social understanding based on fear and the denial of the right to reply.

The Cinematic Experience

Jerome Salle masterfully weaves in all the elements and themes of the story, presenting a well-thought-out action-packed thriller with increasingly high tensions as the plot progresses. The action scenes are detailed and work like clockwork, though some may be exclusive to a cinema that is far from credible from which it seeks to establish itself as a story.

The film manages to entertain while also offering a reflection on our complex contemporaneity, presenting an impression of reality that to some extent seeks to mobilize, given the global context in which it is released.

Final Thoughts

Kompromat may start with a “Hitchcockian” touch, including a romantic story that doesn’t quite achieve the necessary credibility. Still, the film remains a powerful, skillfully written thriller that manages to engage the viewer and leave them reflecting on their observations on the contemporary world.

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