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International Day of the Elderly: why it is celebrated on October 1

On December 14, 1990, the General Assembly, in its Resolution 45/106, proclaimed October 1 as the International Day of the Elderly, due to the initiatives of the United Nations through the Plan of Action approved at the World Assembly on Aging, held in Vienna in 1982.

This commemoration arises in order to promote awareness about the prolongation of life, healthy aging, the need to achieve more just inclusive and inclusive societies, technological equity and the goal of developing policies aimed at improving the quality of life of the elderly population.

Member countries of the HIM-HER-IT reported a demographic change worldwide: the population of people in this age group is increasing and it is estimated that by the year 2050 it will exceed that of children.

In Latin America and the Caribbean there are currently 84.9 million older people, representing 13% of the region’s population, in 2030 this population group will represent 16.7% and in 2050 1 in 4 Latin Americans and Caribbean people will be elderly. . The average annual growth rate of this population group is 4 times greater than that of the total population during the 2020 period.

This reality is a consequence of improvements in the field of health in terms of public policies that improved the quality of life in general of the Elderly. Although this is significant, the second step is to create insertion programs to this new technological wave in order to somehow motivate these people to remain active, fulfilling a purpose within their community.

For this special day HIM-HER-IT proposes two ways to start:

1) With health and social security programs, carry out activities in retirement homes and manage participation activities in the family nucleus. This will make the psycho-emotional health of these individuals grow and be firm, making them feel loved and useful.

2) Keep them active, producing positive issues for society from their life experience. The possibilities are several, including being advisors, entrepreneurs or teachers.

This day represents a great opportunity to meet and share with our grandparents, to learn from them, give them love and affection, and above all, remind them that they are still useful to the world, that they have a purpose in life and that we are here to help on that path.

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