International Oncology Certificate of October 12 for its excellence and quality of care

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The Medical Oncology Service of University Hospital October 12 has received the QOPI certification from American Society of Clinical OncologyDISGUST– for their commitment to excellence and continuous quality improvement in their daily clinical practice. This certification, valid until 2024, reflects the commitment of Oncology professionals on October 12 with the quality of care provided that produces fundamental changes in the care of cancer patients.

The certification has been granted after verifying that this Oncology service complies with the requirements that are demanded in all areas of health care, including treatment planning, prescription and safe administration of chemotherapy, drug preparation and administration as well. drug safe. In addition, the quality of the strategy followed in terms of patient-directed health education, follow-up and evaluation, and consent, as well as in the training received by all the professionals of the team, has been verified.

The Medical Oncology Service of the Hospital 12 de Octubre has international prestige and stands out for its care, teaching and research activity. With a firm commitment to quality, it acts as a reference center for complex pathologies and leads international clinical research.

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