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Interview With the Vampire Showrunner Aims for Season 3 "Pop Masterpiece"

Interview With the Vampire Showrunner Aims for Season 3 “Pop Masterpiece”

Interview With the Vampire concluded its second season last week on AMC, but the story is far from over. Just before airing the Season 2 finale, AMC announced that the series, based on Anne Rice’s novels from The Vampire Chronicles, will be renewed for a third season. This new season will center around Lestat de Lioncourt, portrayed by Sam Reid, offering him the platform to narrate his own story.

Series showrunner Rolin Jones has hinted at exploring the novel The Vampire Lestat next, which excites fans familiar with Rice’s work. In a recent interview with The Los Angeles Times, Jones elaborated that the next installment aims to be a “little pop masterpiece.”

“Lestat becomes a rock star. Let’s start there,” Jones revealed when asked about the upcoming Season 3. “We’re going to do a lot with that and are excited about potentially working with Daniel Hart, who’s done the music for the first two seasons. We’re aiming to surpass even the likes of Hedwig and the Angry Inch and Rocky Horror. We are about to try to make a little pop masterpiece.”

Jones further noted the impact of Anne Rice’s books on the series’ creative team. “The deeper I get into her books, I’m slowly catching up to the love that the people who really admire the show have for these books. Many of the artists working with us have shared how the tone of the books allowed them to explore their identities. These books are significant to many people. To shepherd this story for a new generation feels like a privileged and lucky position to be in.”

AMC has described Season 3 intriguingly. In this season, Lestat, upset by his portrayal in the bestselling book “Interview With The Vampire,” decides to set the record straight in true Lestat fashion—by forming a band and going on tour. Familiar faces like Gabrielle, Nicholas, Magnus, Marius, and those who must be kept will join Louis, Armand, Molloy, Sam, Raglan, Fareed, and other undisclosed characters on a captivating, emotion-filled journey. The experience promises no auto-tuning, no trigger warnings—just amplified emotions.

“When you acquire the rights to 18 Anne Rice novels, which have collectively sold more than 150 million copies, you dream of creating a show as successful as Interview With the Vampire,” said Dan McDermott, President of Entertainment and AMC Studios at AMC Networks. “What Rolin has achieved with these stories and characters, in close collaboration with Mark, has exceeded our highest expectations. We eagerly anticipate where this creative team will take the series next. We are aligned with an incredibly loyal and passionate fan base who cherish this material as much as we do.”

Showrunner Rolin Jones extended gratitude to everyone involved. “Thanks to the brilliant casts and crews of the first two seasons who have brought us to this point. A special thanks to the fervent, wonderfully unhinged fanbase that has propelled us forward,” Jones mentioned. “Thank you, Dan McDermott and Ben Davis, for providing the funds and tools to continue dramatizing Anne Rice’s extraordinary novels. And sincere apologies to the friends and family of Sam Reid for the possession that continues to this day. Monsieur L promises to return his body upon cancellation, though we hope that day never comes.”

Source: The Los Angeles Times, AMC Networks