Investigation into Manchester bombing at Ariana Grande concert reveals astonishing results

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In September 2020, an investigation was opened to determine how the Terrorist attack at Ariana Grande’s concert at Manchester’s O2 Arena in 2017, and that left a balance of 22 people dead and more than 800 injured. After four years of the tragic event, the conclusions of the study were published recently and it has determined that the attack could have been prevented.

The British government published the result of the 204-page study, which was led by Sir John Saunders and took nine months to complete. In it it says: “There were a number of missed opportunities to alter the course of what happened that night”. The documents indicate that the security company Showsec, the operators of the SMG compound, and the British Transport Police itself were responsible for what happened, which did not detect the “missed opportunities” to stop the suicide bomber, Hashem Abedi.

The investigation determines that the terrorist should have been identified as a potential threat after undergoing three “hostile reconnaissance” that security officials did not detect. “The opportunity existed for SMG to make hostile reconnaissance for (Hashem Abedi) more difficult during events by pushing the security perimeter of the security operation.”

The failures of that night had a lot to do with the tragedy. “This could have been a missed opportunity, depending on how the new security perimeter worked,” the report explains. That day, after the chaos at Ariana’s concert, security guards were unable to communicate with the control room after a person in the audience detected Abedi and expressed concern.

It should also be noted that the security workers took too long breaks, which served to make the terrorist’s job easier. May 22, Ariana Grande sent a message of support regarding the fourth anniversary of the terrorist attack. “Although pain is always present and our relationship with it is constantly evolving and is expressed in different ways every day, throughout the year… I know. I know this anniversary will never be easy, “wrote the pop star in Instagram.


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