Ipespe poll shows Lula with 50% voting intention compared to 44% for Bolsonaro

An Ipespe poll on the second round of the presidential elections released on Tuesday showed former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva with 50% of the voters’ preferences for Sunday’s election, while the current president and candidate for re-election Jair Bolsonaro has 44%, both with an increase of 1 percentage point compared to the previous survey.

Since the poll’s margin of error is three percentage points, the difference between Lula and Bolsonaro is within the margin of error.

Blank and invalid votes totaled 4%, compared to 6% in the previous survey published last week, while the percentage of undecideds remained at 2%.

According to the institute, by excluding those who declare the vote blank or null and the undecided, Lula has 53% and Bolsonaro 47%, the same levels as in the previous survey.

Among the 78% of those surveyed who declare they have a lot or some interest in the election, and excluding whites, null and undecided from this portion, Lula appears with 52% against 48%, the same percentages in the survey of the last week.

Also according to Ipespe, 49% said they would never vote for Bolsonaro, compared to 48% in the previous poll, while those who say the same about Lula remained at 45%.

Ipespe surveyed 1,100 people by phone between Saturday and Monday.

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