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PresentaciĆ³n iPhone 13 Apple hoy

Welcome to the live broadcast of the Apple presentation !! Today, September 14, 2021, fans of the bitten apple will get a glimpse into the nearest future of their product line. From 19:00 CEST will begin one of the events marked in red by the technology industry. In MeriStation we will review minute by minute everything that the Cupertino event gives of itself.

New iPhone 13

The evening star will undoubtedly be the new iPhone 13. Although the numbering has not yet been confirmed, all voices suggest that the line will continue to be ascending. We will see the successor to the iPhone 12 through several models. Will we see the Mini version again? What benefits will the Max models include? We will leave doubts at the end of the afternoon.

First features of the iPhone 13

In recent days, two specific rumors have stood out. The first of them points out that the screen could offer patient 120 Hz refresh rate, so Apple would finally update the image speed to what other competitors in the Android sector have offered. In addition, the reduction of the size of the notch (the upper part where the front camera and face ID are located) sounds very strong, so we will see what all this is.

Will we see a new Apple Watch?

A new mobile is not the only thing that sounds between the announcements. It seems that we will also see the new model of Apple Watch, which this time would offer between 41 and 45 mm, instead of the current versions of 40 and 44. As if that were not enough, we may also have an important update in the field of sound: the AirPods 3 sound loud: led indicator of the battery, wireless charging and a more elongated design would be its main workhorses.

Stay in this piece for the hour before kick-off, where we’ll go over some of the things we might see and what happened ago just 12 months.


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