iPhone 13 vs iPhone 12: main differences and similarities

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Yesterday afternoon the famous Apple Event 2021 was held where the new iPhone 13 were officially presented to the whole world. As everything pointed and following the same line of last year with the iPhone 12, four different versions were presented, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro y iPhone 3 Pro Max. The first two we could say that they are located in a lower step or range, with the Pro and Pro Max being the top of the range.

From the experience of all this past year, there is no doubt that the iPhone 13 will be the most popular and demanded for performance and price, although there is no doubt that the Pro and Pro Max will be the most desired. If you are thinking of buying the iPhone 13, then we are going to show the new features compared to its predecessor, iPhone 12.

Design and display

As has been rumored, the design-level changes are minimal. It is only worth noting that finally the notch size on the iPhone 13 it is reduced by 20%. At the back, the only thing that changes the visual level is the arrangement of the rear cameras, which in the new model are located diagonally.

At the screen level, the same 6.1-inch OLED Super Retina XDR panel is maintained with a resolution of 2532 x 1170 pixels, but in the case of the iPhone 13 it is now a 28% brighter.

If we were to take both models by hand, the truth is that we would not easily appreciate differences between their size and weight. Now, the new iPhone 13 is a bit thicker, something almost priceless, and has a few grams more than the iPhone 12.

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Inside the iPhone 13 we find the new chip A15 Bionic from Apple, a processor that promises to be much faster than the previous version and that guarantees enormous performance both at the CPU and GPU level.

As we are accustomed to, Apple has not given any clue of the amount of RAM that the new iPhone 3 has, however, the configurations of the iPhone 12 are repeated in regard to storage capacity. internal. Therefore, iPhone 13 is available with 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB.

Photographic section

One of the sections in which Apple stopped the most when presenting the new iPhone 13 was at the time of talking about its multimedia section. As we indicated previously, the first thing that stands out is that the new dual cameras are placed diagonally and not one under the other as in the previous model.

iPhone 13 vs iPhone 12: main differences and similarities

For more important than this detail at the design level, what must be highlighted about the main camera of the new iPhone 13 is that it has a new Sensor-shif OIS which aids in image stabilization and is capable of capturing up to almost a 50% more light to offer better results.

Another novelty in front of the iPhone 12 camera is the Cinema mode, which allows you to record videos with settings that are only at the level of the most professional cameras and that also include automatic adjustments both before and after shooting.

Battery and autonomy

Considering that the iPhone 12’s battery was one of its weakest spots, it’s not too surprising that the iPhone 13 outperforms its predecessor. So much so, that the new iPhone 13 is able to offer up to almost 2 and a half hours more autonomy than iPhone 12.

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iPhone 13 vs iPhone 12: main differences and similarities

In addition, although 5G offers blazing speeds both in downloading and streaming content, thanks to the smart data mode it is possible to lower these speeds to save battery when we do not need high speeds.


As we indicated previously, the new iPhone 13 is available in the same four versions as the iPhone 12 as far as internal storage is concerned. Now, if we compare their prices, it must be said that while the new version has a price of 909 euros for the version with 128 GB, 1029 euros for the 256 GB and 1259 euros for the 512 GB, we can get the iPhone 12 for 809 euros, 859 euros and 979 euros respectively.


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