Iran begins military exercises in the Caspian Sea with naval units, aircraft and drones

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The Iranian Armed Forces have started extensive military exercises in the Caspian Sea in which they are testing various naval, air and electronic fighting systems.

The Amaniyat-e Paydar 1,400 (‘Sustainable Security’ in Persian) maneuvers started this Wednesday morning in an area of 77,000 square kilometers of the Caspian. Ships, helicopters, planes and drones participate in them.

According to local media, the exercises are testing the interoperability of war material and practicing the use of systems missile launcher and systems electronic wrestling.

The application of scenarios will also be simulated offensive and defensive to verify its usefulness in protecting national waters and maritime transport routes.

Iran controls about 20% of the Caspian, a sea it shares with Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia and Turkmenistan. The Islamic Republic has already conducted several naval exercises this year, such as the Eghtedar 99 (Authority 99) tests, which took place in January, and during which new military technologies were tested and Iranian military might demonstrated to the world.

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Tehran is boosting its naval capabilities amid growing animosity from the United States and its allies. The Islamic Republic has Incorporated this year a helicopter carrier of national manufacture, the Makran, and more than 300 high speed missile launchers.

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