Iran launches its first state-approved app to find a partner and encourage marriage

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In order to encourage marriage in the country, the Iranian authorities announced on Monday the launch of the Hamdam application (‘company’ in Spanish), the first application to search for couples approved and controlled by the State of the Islamic Republic, informs the Iranian agency Farsnews.

During the presentation, Kamil Khojasteh, director of the Media Department of the Tebyan Institute, a cultural body dependent on the Government, pointed out that the platform was created out of concern about the “lack of self-development” and the existence of “13 million single people of marriageable age [entre los 18 y 35 años]”as well as the increasing number of divorces registered in recent years.

The program, as detailed by the Iranian authorities, uses algorithms developed from modern and scientific methods. In addition, a psychological test is necessary as part of the identity verification process, which is expected to increase the chances of finding a long-term partner.

When two users ‘match’ and decide to get married, the application assigns the couple a consultant who will guide them through the process and accompany them during the first four years of marriage.

However, Hamdam not only offers relationship-finding help, but also provides counseling services over the phone and in person; Likewise, it has a forum in which educational audiovisual content is shared for young people and families.

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